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"Discovering the World, One Book at a Time"

The 8-week program runs February 26 - April 24. Each child may sign up for 1 hour/week. Sessions will be held at Carbondale Public Library on Wednesdays from 4:00 - 5:00 or Thursdays from 4:30-5:30. 

A free program for kids grades 1-5. Kids will explore books and reading activities one-to-one with their reading partners (SIUC students and members of the Library Volunteer Corps). Partners will select reading materials based on individual interests.

Shaking HandsMore Information: Partners in Reading is a free service sponsored by the Carbondale Public Library. This program's goal is to encourage and motivate children to learn about the enjoyment that books can bring. Partners work individually with the readers. An informal interest inventory is given to participants to help guide the partner in selecting materials that will be geared to their liking. Then each week, various activities are used to help them enjoy reading. They listen to books on tape, play reading games, learn how to use the card catalog and computer to locate materials of interest to the child, look at magazines, read aloud, and discuss books. Although this is not a tutorial project, many of the partners are SIUC Education majors.

Students living in the Carbondale area may register for the program by phone or in person. Each child may sign up for a one-hour session per week at the library.  The schedule can be arranged by the partner and the participant's parents. Each child will keep the same partner for the entire program except for an absence or conflict. Parents are welcome to relax and enjoy reading in the library during their child's lesson.

Partners in Reading is open to children in grades 1-5. Students are expected to call in advance if they will not be able to attend their session. Lessons are flexibly organized to accommodate any immediate need or interest a child might have at any time. Thus, the partners may not always follow a scheduled plan.

To be fair to those on the waiting list, any student who does not attend for two consecutive weeks without calling in advance or having a legitimate reason will be dropped. A person on the waiting list will then be assigned to that session. Thus, we ask for each participant to call in advance if they cannot come a particular week.

Literacy is so important in an person's life, and this program's intent is to promote a good feeling toward reading. A reading partner provides an opportunity to open the door to the wonderful world of books. It is hoped that they will get just enough of a good taste that they will want to read more.  It is also hoped that they will develop a love for the library, a knowledge of the materials it offers, and a self-confidence in being able to use the library efficiently.

For more information or to register, contact Patrick King at

May Partners in Reading play an important role in making our country a literate society!




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