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Juveniles in the Library

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The Carbondale Public Library staff cannot make a judgment as to what is suitable reading, viewing or listening material for any individual, particularly for a child. The library staff can provide professional assistance, book reviews, and lists to help parents match their stated needs with suitable materials. However, censorship of a child's selection and use of available library materials and resources rests solely with the parent/guardian.


Parents/guardians are responsible for the behavior of their children while they are in the library. The Carbondale Public Library staff is committed to help children with activities related to the library. However, library staff cannot, nor is it their responsibility to keep a child safe from harm or to serve as care givers, teachers or disciplinarians. The staff must assume that all library users are able to take care of themselves or are under the supervision of a responsible individual, such as a parent, guardian, or care giver. Children who cannot work independently must not be left unattended in the library. Parents/guardians who neglect to supervise their children will be asked to do so. If they fail to correct the situation a library staff member will speak directly to the child about the disruptive behavior. Whenever advisable or possible, the library will notify the parent/guardian of incidents involving an unattended child.

Children under the age of ten must be accompanied and directly supervised at all times by a parent/guardian or other responsible care giver. When the safety of an unattended child is in doubt, or the parent/guardian or responsible care giver cannot be located, or if the library is closing, library staff is authorized to call the police and will stay with the child until the police arrive.

Carbondale Public Library may schedule programs which are designed and suitable for attendance by children without parental/guardian supervision. Program announcements will indicate when supervision is required.

Children, ages ten and older, may use the library unattended by an adult, subject to other library rules and policies concerning behavior, conduct and demeanor.

Violations of this policy are grounds for being barred from the library.


The library staff cannot assume responsibility for minors who remain at the library beyond closing time. In the event a minor is still at the library 15 minutes after the library closes to the public, the library staff members are authorized to call the police to pick up the young person. Before calling the police, attempts will be made during that 15 minutes to reach parents/guardians, but in no instance will library staff provide transportation for minors.

Adopted 8/1995      Revised 6/1999      Revised 2/2000

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