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Interlibrary Loan

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  1. Individuals may have no more than 20 interlibrary loan requests on file at any given time; 10 for materials outside the Shawnee Library System and 10 through Shawnee Library System's computerized database (which automatically limits the number of requests).
  2. Copyright regulations are strictly enforced.
  3. Interlibrary loan materials are subject to the loan periods, renewals, fines, fees and any other applicable policies of the lending library (the library which owns the material). Libraries in Illinois have adopted an Interlibrary Loan Code which sets these guidelines. It states: "The borrowing library shall honor the lending library's condition of loan including observation of dates and duration of loans, recall notices, fees (if applicable), and special handling provisions. The borrowing library shall convey these conditions to the patron."
  4. Periodicals (magazines and newspapers) are not loaned or borrowed on interlibrary loan. However, photocopies or facsimiles of periodical articles can be requested and are subject to copyright laws.
  5. Carbondale Public Library does not provide the following materials on interlibrary loan:
    1. Reference material
    2. Art prints
    3. Periodicals (see #4 above for further explanation)
    4. New acquisitions for a period of three to six months (determined by reserves). However, CPL does lend audio/visual materials within and outside the Shawnee Library System.
  6. Individuals who request intra-system (within Shawnee Library System) interlibrary loan service through the library must have a valid Carbondale Public Library card.
  7. Only those individuals with a valid Carbondale Public Library card may request interlibrary loan of materials owned by libraries outside the Shawnee Library System. All other public library card holders must initiate interlibrary loan requests for materials outside Shawnee Library System at their home library. (See #8 below for an exception when Carbondale Public Library acts only as a facilitator.)
  8. There are occasions when Carbondale Public Library may act as a facilitator between a library and a client/organization. In such cases the client/organization does not need to have a public library card. However, the lending library must acknowledge that Carbondale Public Library assumes no responsibility for items handled this way. In this situation CPL generally acts as the delivery agent and there is no actual circulation transaction within the automated system.

Revised 9/97     Revised 5/10/2000

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