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Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco

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The Carbondale Public Library recognizes that the non-medical use of controlled substances is hazardous to the health of the patrons and employees of the Library. Additionally, the use of alcohol and tobacco by patrons is recognized as both hazardous and often illegal; and the irresponsible use of alcohol and tobacco by employees is detrimental to the Library environment. Smoking is not permitted inside any library building. The illicit manufacture, use, possession, or distribution of controlled substances, look-alike drugs, drug paraphernalia, and the manufacture, use, possession or distribution of alcoholic beverages, marijuana and its derivatives as defined by Illinois and Federal statute at any time, is not permitted at any Library location.

"Library location" means any library building, on any library premises, in any library-owned vehicle, or at any library-sponsored activity where patrons or employees are engaged in activities under the jurisdiction of the Library. This shall include any period of time when an employee is supervising students on behalf of a school district, or is otherwise engaged in library business.

Any employee who violates the term of the Library's drug alcohol and tobacco policy may be suspended or terminated pursuant to the rules and regulations of the Library and applicable state statutes. The Library may, in its discretion, refer incidents to appropriate legal authorities for prosecution when this policy is violated. Sanctions against employees shall be in accordance with prescribed Library regulations and procedures. The Library's employees, as a condition of their employment, agree to abide by the terms of this policy and to notify the Library, no later than five (5) days after a conviction, of any criminal drug or alcohol statute convictions for a violation occurring at a library location. The Library, if or when required by law, shall report such conviction to the appropriate authorities.

A patron who violates the terms of this policy may be expelled from the library location involved, or any library location at the discretion of the Library and use privileges may be suspended for a specified period of time. The Library may, in its discretion, refer incidents to appropriate legal authority for prosecution when this policy is violated. Sanctions against patrons shall be in accordance with prescribed library regulations and procedures.

Adopted 9/8/99

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