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Displays and Exhibits

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The Carbondale Public Library maintains bulletin boards and display tables/cases for the purpose of promoting the services and programs of the library. Although individuals, agencies, organizations, etc. may request use of the display areas or make suggestions for themes, or parallel agency activities, the responsibility for selection of all displays rests with the staff of the library. Individuals, agencies, organizations, etc. may request use of the display space; however, acceptance, design and placement of the display must be approved by the Library Director or designate. Displays will be accepted for a period of time not to exceed 30 days with set up and removal being the responsibility of the exhibitor.

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Exhibits from outside sources may be allowed in the library. All exhibits considered for space within the library must support the mission of the library, and not cause disruption of the regular flow of library work and service. The Library Director or designate will determine the suitability of a given object, or collection for display in the Library, considering both the facilities available in the building and the objectives of the library. The Library Director or designate may refer such requests as deemed advisable to the Board of Trustees. Such exhibits will remain in place for not longer than 30 days with set up and removal being the responsibility of the exhibitor. Requests for a longer period may be made to either the Library Director or Library Board. Such requests should be made prior to the completion of the 30 day period. The library assumes no liability for damage or loss relating to any exhibit set up for public viewing in the library, and will take no extraordinary measures to insure its safety. Individuals or groups using display or exhibit space in the library are advised to carry their own insurance for items on display. Exhibits placed in the library must be displayed without damage to walls, carpet, etc. Exhibits must not restrict use of any library facility for its usual purpose.

Individuals or groups who reserve exhibit or display space and fail to use it as scheduled forfeit the opportunity for future use of library exhibit and display space.

Revised 11/10/1999

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