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Borrower's Card

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  1. Individuals who reside within the Carbondale city limits are eligible for a "free" card.
  2. Individuals who reside outside the Carbondale city limits are required by Illinois state law to purchase a card. [76 ILCS 16/30-55(60)]
  3. Individuals who reside outside the Carbondale city limits but own property within the city limits are, under Illinois state law, eligible for a "free" card. [75 ILCS 16/30-55(60)]
  4. Businesses located within the Carbondale city limits are eligible for one "free" card. This card is limited to use for business purposes.
  5. Children must be 5 (five) years of age and able to write their name legibly on the application and library card by themselves.

Fees for Nonresidents

  1. Nonresident fees are calculated using a tax bill method. (See the Nonresident Fee Policy). Nonresidents who choose to purchase cards must provide the documentation necessary to calculate the fee. In most cases, this will be a tax bill or rental agreement. The nonresident family fee is paid annually. A family is defined as individuals residing at the same address.
  2. Nonresident fees are nonrefundable.
  3. Illinois State Law regulates where (which public library) individuals/families may obtain a nonresident card.

Proof of Eligibility Requirements

Applicants for a Carbondale Public Library card are required to provide the following:
  1. Proof of current address.
  2. In the case of a child under 16, a parent or guardian must be present and provide proof of current address. Minors with a valid driver's license to not need to have a parent or guardian present when applying for a card.
  3. Picture ID (not required for children under age 16)
  4. Nonresidents who own property within the Carbondale city limits must present a current tax bill for that taxable property.
  5. Businesses applying for a business card must make their request in writing on letterhead stationery, if possible.

Use of Library Card

  1. A valid* library card must be presented when borrowing library materials.  Patrons who hold cards from public libraries other than Carbondale are limited in the number of items they may borrow and may not place holds on site. Patrons who do not hold a Carbondale Public Library card must place holds and pick them up at their home library.
  2. CPL cardholders may access the library catalog via the Internet and place holds on items. To access information about an individual account or renew materials requires a PIN (Personal Identification Number). Patrons must come into the library to register for this service and select a PIN. It will not be issued over the telephone. A parent/guardian must accompany any minor under age 16 applying for a PIN.
  3. Some electronic resources may require a valid CPL card or Guest Internet Pass for access. An hourly Guest Pass fee of $5 is assessed for patrons who do not have a CPL card. There is no charge for CPL cardholders.
  4. Carbondale card holders may use their card at any public library in Illinois. However, the policies, fines, and fees of that library will apply when borrowing materials whether on-site or through interlibrary loan.
  5. Fines on a patron record must be under $1.00 to be eligible to borrow materials. This includes fines incurred at another public library.
  6. Registered patrons who do not have their card with them when borrowing materials may show proof of identification. However, this privilege may not be abused. A patron who habitually "forgets" their card will be asked to come back with the card or replace it if it is lost.
  7. Lost cards should be reported immediately. There is a fee of $1.25 to replace a lost card.
  8. Patrons are responsible for all items checked out on their card. This includes any fines or fees due to late return, damage to or loss of an item. It is suggested that patrons not allow others to use their card.
  9. Individuals who reside in a community (within Shawnee Library System) that taxes itself for library service but whose library does not participate in the Shawnee Library System automated database are eligible to receive service as a reciprocal patron. However, their home library is responsible for issuing them a library card.

*A valid card must show an expiration date.

Card Expiration

Carbondale Public Library cards expire annually and patrons must provide proof of address when renewing. Patrons registered at CPL as Reciprocal borrowers must renew their borrowing privileges annually.  Reciprocal patrons are defined as those individuals who reside outside Shawnee Library System or whose local public library is not a full member of the Shawnee Library System automation program. Reciprocal patrons must provide proof of address and a valid public library card when renewing their borrowing privileges at CPL.

Patrons from other communities must renew their cards at their home library. Carbondale Public Library staff will not renew cards issued by other libraries.

Revised 6/1998     Revised 8/2000     Revised 6/2005     Revised 3/2006

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