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Affirmative Action

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This document serves to advance the Carbondale Public Library's continuing commitment to affirmative action for the express purpose of ensuring equal opportunity for employment to all qualified individuals. Supported by a positive record of employment for minorities and individuals with recognized physical disabilities, this document serves as a record of the search procedures used to hire the current personnel and as a guide for filling all future open and available positions.

Position Descriptions

A written position description will be prepared for every open position. The position description will describe the responsibilities and duties of the open position, list the minimum  qualifications required for the position and any preferred qualifications deemed desirable for  performing the assigned duties, specify procedures for submitting an application, and indicate  the deadline for receiving applications.

In the search for a Director of the Library, the Board of Directors will prepare the written position description and serve as the hiring official. The Library Director will serve as the hiring  official and be responsible for preparing the written position descriptions for all other open positions. It is recognized that open positions for professional staff offer an opportunity to reevaluate the duties and responsibilities of a particular position relative to those assigned to other employees and in keeping with current library needs for serving the public.

Advertising Open Positions

All open positions for professional staff will be advertised in those outlets that are most likely to reach all qualified individuals, regardless of race, gender or disability. These will include, but not be limited to:

  • The Southern Illinoisan
  • Bulletin Board, a publication of the Shawnee Library System
  • Library Hotline, a publication of the Illinois Library Association
  • Mailings to colleges and universities that offer graduate library programs

As the position qualifications warrant, the Director may target the advertisement of the open position to increase the likelihood that candidates of a certain ethnic group or gender will apply. For example, if the Director/Board believed that the  hire of an individual who is bilingual or Spanish speaking was important to serving a growing Hispanic population, the Director would advertise the open position in a manner that targets Spanish speaking individuals. Such special "targeting" will include, at a minimum, the following:

  1. correspondence with the directors of library programs at institutions known for graduating individuals belonging to the population being targeted;
  2. calls to individual members of the major library associations who may have personal contact with individuals belonging to the targeted population; and
  3. direct contact with appropriate caucuses that boast memberships consistent with the targeted population.

Screening and Interviewing Applicants

All applicants will be screened by the hiring official to determine whether their professional training and experience satisfy the advertised minimum position requirements. Those applicants found not to satisfy the minimum requirements will be eliminated from further consideration.

The candidates who meet the minimum requirements for the position will then be evaluated by the hiring official as to how well their professional training and experience satisfy the advertised preferred requirements for the position. The Director and/or Board search committee will determine which candidates should be interviewed on the basis of how well each candidate's credentials indicate possession of the knowledge and skills needed to effectively carry out the duties and responsibilities of the open position.

Completing the Search

An offer of appointment will be extended to the best qualified candidate. Hires made by the Director will be submitted for approval at the next regular meeting of the Board of Directors. Once the candidate has accepted the position, the Director will send a written notice to all applicants informing them that the position has been filled. Applicant files and search process records will be retained for a period of three years.

This policy was approved by the Carbondale Public Library Board on 5/11/94.

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